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Introducing Isotrack X, the ultimate heavy-duty mat designed for safe and temporary access across soft ground and even in extreme weather conditions. Here are the key features and benefits of Isotrack X:

  • Outstanding Compressive Strength: With a compressive strength exceeding 415 tonnes/m2 and reaching a maximum force of 730 tonnes/m2, Isotrack X ensures exceptional load-bearing capacity.
  • Dual Traction Surfaces: Each mat features two excellent traction surfaces, providing enhanced grip and safe movement for vehicles.
  • Surface Traction Design: Specifically designed to enable safe vehicle movement, the mat’s surface traction ensures optimal traction and control.
  • Foam-Filled Core: The foam-filled core of Isotrack X prevents water ingress, even if the mat is punctured. This feature eliminates cross-contamination and avoids additional weight.
  • Patented “Four3” Connector Pin System: Isotrack X incorporates a patented connector pin system known as “Four3,” offering secure and reliable mat connections.
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