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Frequently Ask Questions

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    What services does Aquajet North East specialise in?

    We specialise in a wide range of drainage services, including CCTV surveys, civil engineering, drain cleaning, emergency call-outs, excavation and repair, jet vac tanker hire, and waste disposal.

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    Who typically uses Aquajet North East’s services?

    Our services are utilised by a variety of clients nationwide, including major companies like EDF Energy, Yorkshire Water, Network Rail, and local authorities.

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    What makes Aquajet North East’s CCTV Surveys unique?

    We use state-of-the-art CCTV equipment and software for pipe surveys, providing detailed reports, still photos, DVD footage, and CAD site drawings immediately upon completion.

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    What kind of civil engineering projects does Aquajet North East undertake?

    Our civil engineering team handles nationwide projects ranging from gas, electric, water, telecoms, and drainage installations to auger boring and directional drilling.

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    What capabilities does Aquajet North East have in drain cleaning?

    Our fleet, including high-pressure jetting vans and jet vac wagons, enables us to tackle any drain cleaning project, from standard blockages to industrial descaling.

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    How does Aquajet North East respond to emergency call-outs?

    We have a dedicated emergency response team available 24/7, ensuring swift and efficient resolution of any emergency.

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    What equipment is used in Aquajet North East’s excavation and repair services?

    We utilise our extensive range of in-house plant and equipment, including excavators and grab wagons, for efficient and safe excavation and repair services.

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    What types of vehicles are included in Aquajet North East’s Jet Vac Tanker Hire?

    Our jet vac tanker fleet ranges from 18-tonne to articulated and rail-riding vehicles, suitable for a variety of applications like gulley emptying and septic tank services.

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    How does Aquajet North East manage waste disposal?

    As registered waste carriers, we transport and dispose of all types of waste to approved sites, adhering to environmental regulations and providing full documentation.

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    How can clients contact Aquajet North East for services?

    Clients can reach us at our office in Chester Le Street, via phone or email for any enquiries or service requests.

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    What types of projects has Aquajet North East been involved in?

    We have extensive experience in various sectors, working for companies like EDF Energy, Yorkshire Water, and Network Rail, among others.

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    Does Aquajet North East offer out-of-hours services?

    Yes, we provide a 24-hour, 365 days a year emergency service, ensuring availability for any out-of-hours requirements.

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    What equipment does Aquajet North East use for its services?

    Our fleet is equipped with the latest high-pressure jetting and CCTV equipment, and we also have a comprehensive range of in-house plant and specialist equipment.

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    How versatile are Aquajet North East’s jetting units?

    Our jetting units are versatile and can be used for drain jetting, graffiti removal, root cutting, and industrial pipe descaling, among other purposes.

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    What are the capabilities of Aquajet North East’s jet vac units?

    Our jet vac units can be used for emergency flood response, septic tank emptying, pumping station servicing, road gulley cleaning, and more.

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    Does Aquajet North East offer trenchless drain lining repairs?

    Yes, we have the technology for trenchless drain lining repairs, eliminating the need for excavations and reducing disruption for our clients.

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    What type of plant hire does Aquajet North East offer?

    We have our own in-house plant hire firm, which we utilise for our repair works, especially for excavations.

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    How does Aquajet North East ensure the safety and quality of its excavation work?

    Our excavation works are closely monitored by our safety team, working to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 standards.

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    How does Aquajet North East handle waste disposal in compliance with environmental regulations?

    We adhere to strict environmental regulations for waste disposal, transporting all waste to approved sites and providing full documentation to our clients.

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